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GtB Present your Best Belize Photo here in this Free Gallery

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The Best Belize Photos

We will post every month the Best Belize Photo.  Since we startet this well known Gallery on our 5th anniversery in the Summer of 2007. Send us your Best Photo from you last trip to Belize. Your photo will be examined by our team, who will decide on its suitability for publication.

GtB Send your Best Foto to the Best Belize Photo Gallery
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Send us your photos

We cannot guarantee that your photo will be used. We will tell you if your photo will be published. See the Suggested Guidelines and the Photo Release at the bottom of this Page. Click on the Photos  to get a bigger view.

Past Years


December 2009

Scott Ford from Chigago, IL, USA

Jam Session at Crazy Canucks with Drummer Dan, Ted and Derek.

GtB Gallery December 09 Feel the Blues at Crazy Canucks by Scott Ford

Feel the Blues

GtB Gallery November 09 Sunset at Northern Caye by Chuck Freeman

November 2009

Chuck Freeman from Jamestown, NM, USA

Sunset at the Northern Caye.
Sunset at Northern Caye

October 2009

Chang Yung-fa, Tony from Hsin ying, Taiwan

Landeanflug in Caye Caulker mit
Maya Island Air.

GtB Gallery October 09 Landing in Caye Caulker, Chang Yung-fa, Tony from Hsin ying

We land here?

GtB Gallery September 09 A Bunch of Snappers by the Reef from Cindy Letort

September 2009

Cindy Letort from Denver, USA

Snappers ready to catch. On a snorkeling trip from Placencia.

Catch Me

August 2009

Peter Weisshuber from Munich, Germany

Taken on a late afternoon in July 2009 in Caye Caulker.
GtB Gallery August 09 Cruise in Caye Caulker from P. Weisshuber

Heritage Cruise

GtB Gallery July 09 Fair Weel in San Pedro from T. Deaville  

July 2009

Tracy Deaville from Seattle, USA

Visited the Show Fair on the Dia the San Pedro in San Pedro.

Fair Wheel

June 2009

Steven Roza from Naples FL, USA

Enjoyed this summer a lovely time at the Split on Caye Caulker.

GtB Gallery June 09 The Split in Caye Caulker from S. Roza

Life at the Split

GtB Gallery May 09 Balancing from W. Odermatt

May 2009

Walter Odematt, Bern, Switzerland

Keep the Balance, Kids are playing on the Beach on Ambergris Caye.


April 2009

Silvio Landtwing from Buchrain, Switzerland

Cooling down while Cave Tubing at the Sibun River West of Belize City.

GtB Gallery April 09 Cave Tubing from S. Landtwing

Cave Tubing

GtB Gallery March 09  San Pedro J. Taylor

Mach 2009

Jeff Taylor from Newport OH, USA

Is testing his new Sony camera on a dock while in San Pedro
San Pedro

February 2009

Wayne Dillinger from Burnaby, Canada

The Suspension Bridge between San Ignacio and Santa Elena..

GtB Gallery February 09 Bridge in San Ignacio from L. Paro

San Ignacio

GtB Gallery January 09 Belize House  from J. Van de Velde

January 2009

Jessicy Van de Velde from Utrecht, Netherland

While Staying in Belize City, I took my camera and made quit a walk from my Hotel.
Belize House


December 2008

Luc Paro from Gatineau, Canada
A lazy American Saltwater Crocodile in the lagoon on Ambergris Caye.

GtB Gallery December 08 Crocodile in Ambergris Caye from L. Paro


GtB Gallery November 08 Bus Stop Bomba from J. Sommers

November 2008

John Sommers from Venice FL, USA

Bus Stop in Bomba, on the way to the archeological Maya Site Altun Ha.
Bus in Bomba

October 2008

Ruth Reynolds from Long Beach CA, USA

Howler Monkey at the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary northwest of Belize City.

GtB Gallery October 08 Howler Monkey from R. Reynolds


GtB Gallery September 08 Snorkling at Turneffe Atoll from W. Medina

September 2008

Walter Medina from New York NY, USA

Snorkeling in the shallow waters on the Barrier Reef by the Turneffe Atoll.


August 2008

Christina Landtwing from Buchrain, Switzerland

The Jaguar Temple of Lamanai. From my first visit on the Maya Site.
GtB Gallery August 08 Lamanai Jaguar Temple from Ch. Landtwing

Jaguar Temple

GtB Gallery July 08 Sunset over the Lagoon  L. Matter  

July 2008

Liliane Matter from Menzingen, Switzerland

A astonish sunset on the lagoon, south of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye


June 2008

Mauro Morganti, from Roma Italy

Wing over Punta Gorda. Tropic Plane prepares for Landing.

GtB Gallery June 08 Wing over Punta Gorda from M. Morganti

Wing over PG

GtB Gallery May 08 Mr. Krab from A. Kumar

May 2008

Arun Kumar from Mumbai, India

Mr. Krab on the Beach in Dangriga searching for Sponge Bob and Patrick.

Mr. Krab

April 2008

Brian Schweigler from San Pedro Belize

Passing a canoe, on a New River boat ride from Shipyard to Maya Site Lamanai.

GtB Gallery April 08 Canoe on New River from B. Schweigler


GtB Gallery March 08 Beach House from G. Cooper

Mach 2008

Greg Cooper from Houston TX, USA

Drop off with the Island Ferry on a Pier far North of San Pedro.
Beach House

February 2008

Ruben White from Kowloon, Hong Kong

Flowers on a Fieldtrip to the Belize Rio Bravo Conservation Area close to San Felipe.

GtB Gallery February 08 Yellow flowers from R. White


GtB Gallery January 08 Men at work from L. Champell

January 2008

Lisa Champell from Norfolk VA, USA

Hard working men on a construction site, in a very hot day at Caye Caulker.
Men at Work


December 2007

Pedro Morales from  El Paso TX, USA

Open air Belize living room on the New River on my way to Lamanai.
GtB Gallery December 07 Open air living room from  P. Morales

Living Room

GtB Gallery November 07 Belize Court House from  J.C. Delache  

November 2007

Jean-Claude Delache from  Quebec, Canda

The old colonial Court House in Belize City across from the Battlefield Park.
Court House

October 2007

Nico Schmucki from Basle, Switzerland

Two Tropic planes get ready for boarding at the San Pedro airstrip.

GtB Gallery October 07 San Pedro Airstrip from N. Schmucki

Airstrip San Pedro

GtB Gallery September 07 Flowers on a tree from  N. Amstrong

September 2007

Nancy Amstrong from Chicago IL, USA

Flowers on a tree on our Bus trip to the Guanacaste National Park.

Tree with Flowers

August 2007

Michael Bowden from Luton, UK

A bird having a fish in it’s beak. Photo taken on the lovely beach in Placencia.

GtB Gallery August 07  Bird catch a fish  from M. Bowden

Catch the Fish

GtB Gallery July 07 Washing day from W. Treichel

July 2007

Wolfgang Treichel from Vienna, Austria

Washing day at a house in San Pedro. Cloths to dry all over the place.
Wash Day

Suggested Guidelines

We want the photographs that you decide to submit to GuidetoBelize.Infoto be the best possible.

Please consider these guidelines.

1. Send us the pictures as jpgs at the maximum size of 2 megabytes.

We prefer images that are 1024 pixels horizontal or landscape because our photo galleries have a full screen option. We can crop or reduce larger pictures. We can also use good pictures that are shot at a smaller size.

2. The picture should not have the time and date embedded by the camera visible on the image.

3. The photograph should tell the guidetobelize Gallery viewer a story, be well exposed and have interesting composition

4. Send the Photo to gallery @  (please use this link and keep the Subject).

Photo Releases

I agree that the may use the Photograph that I have submitted under the following terms and conditions:
  1. I own this Photograph, and I own all the rights, including copyright, necessary to submit this Photograph to guidetobelize.
  2. I am the sole owner of copyright on this Photograph, and I understand that I am granting guidetobelize the nonexclusive right to use it in any way that guidetobelize sees fit.
  3. I consent to indemnify guidetobelize against any claim, demand, action, suit, or other proceedings against guidetobelize arising out of the use of the photograph and related to any false or inaccurate statement.
  4. I grant this authorization free of charge.
  5. Participants who have modeled or posed in the photo have assigned all relevant rights to me.

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