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GtB The three Atools of Belize

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Cayes and Atools Map and Guide

Close to the magnificent Barrier Reef along the coastline of Belize, hundreds of coral and mangrove ilands known as cayes bask in the shimmering, clear turquoise and emerald green waters of the Caribbean.  Ranging from isolated stretches of sand and palm trees to very large islands like Ambergris Caye.

GtB Map of the Belize offshore cayes
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Belize’s cayes offer excellent diving, fishing, scuba, snorkeling and swimming opportunities.  For  four atolls in the Western Hemisphere, three of them are located in Belize.  Situated beyond the barrier reef these long coral isles surrounding lagoons are popular and idyllic destinations as well as ideal places for water sports.


25 miles long, Ambergris Caye is the largest and most developed caye, with plenty of resorts, lodges and organized activities around the only town, San Pedro.   Ambergris Caye   Google Earth Map of Ambergris Caye


The second largest, at five miles long by one half mile wide, with more budget-oriented lodges, and a good range of activities.  Caye Caulker   Google Earth Map of Caye Caulker


Glover’s Reef Atool Google Earth Map of Glover’s Reef Atool is a Marine Reserve, a World Heritage site. The most remote of the atolls, Glover’s Reef is about 70 miles southeast of Belize City.  The far out location makes this one of the most pristine areas in Belize. Once the base of pirate John Glover, now boaters, divers and anglers flock to this isolated island .

Around Glovers Reef you find Northeast Caye Google Earth Map of Northeast Caye Long Caye Google Earth Map of Long Caye and the Southwest Cayes Google Earth Map of Southwest Cayes Brilliant blue waters with excellent scuba diving, snorkeling, fly fishing, kayaking and camping are all available here.


The Lighthouse Reef Atoll Google Earth Map of Lighthouse Reef Atoll  is a panorama of swaying palms, powdery white beaches, striking coral formations and turquoise waters.  It is the only atoll with a private airstrip and the nearest atoll to the Blue Hole. Google Earth Blue Hole Looking from the air like a dark blue cavity in a field of turquoise, this almost perfectly circular underwater cave is Lighthouse Reef’s most spectacular natural wonder.  The cave measures 300 meter in diameter and 160 meter deep, and was made famous by  the French Jacques Cousteau, who explored the fascinating site in 1972. 

At the southeast corner of Lighthouse Reef is the Half Moon Caye Google Earth Map of Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, the country’s first national park It is home to reptiles, turtles and a large diversity of birds, including thousands of red footed boobies.


Located less than half an hour by boat from the town of Dangriga, South Water Caye Google Earth Map of South Water Caye is one of Belize’s most idyllic cayes.  The 15-acre coral island, resting right atop the barrier reef is an excellent area for diving. International Zoological Expedition’s cottages and student dorms are based near the center of the island.


The tiny, crescent-shaped St. George’s Caye Google Earth Map of St. George’s Caye is the most historic of all the offshore cayes.  It was here that the British established the territory’s first real settlement and where the Spanish made their last ditch effort to conquer Belize on September 10. 1798.  Belizeans still commemorate this battle annually as St. George’s Caye Day.


Located on the northern tip of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve the nine-acre Tobacco Caye Google Earth Map of Tobacco Caye was used for years as a trading post and fishing camp.  Now, because of its close proximity to the Barrier Reef it is a frequent destination for divers and anglers.


The Turneffe Atoll Google Earth Map of Turneffe Atoll is the largest of Belize’s three atolls.  It is home to several small, pristine cayes accented with palm trees, white beaches and mangroves.  Only a few hundred yards from the Barrier Reef, the islands offer excellent diving, snorkeling and fishing opportunities.


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