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                                Ceiba Tree is teh Symbol of the Mayan

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Maps  of the Belize Mayan Sites

The native Ceiba Tree on the left side, is a symbol of the Maya Universe.   All 12 maps are drawn on the findings from the excavating archeologists in Belize. Our Maya Sites Map is representation of the public accessible Maya Sites in Belize, you can see it as the Maya Universe of Belize.
Printable .pdf Version of Maya Sites in Belize

GtB Master Map of the
                                  Belize Maya Sites
Click any Pictures to enlarge
By Clicking on the Maps you will see a bigger version. If you need to print a map for your filed trip, there is .pdf file available, but you need a Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.

This site is a part of our new Maya section, as soon a new Maya site is online available, we will complete all the corresponding data and maps. Look
at the Altun Ha, Lamanai and Xunantunich Page as a Sample. Please come back soon.                                                                    (last update 20.november 2011)
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JTBelizeresort. com has copied our maps with the copyright. JT Belize Village is such a criminal organization, they even removed the copyright note from our map. We warn every traveler to do any bookings with this company and we will inform the Belize Tourism Board about this DMCA enfringement too.

Actun Che Chem

The Actun Che Chem Ha Cave was discovered by a hunter looking for his dog. The Cave was used for Maya rituals and ceremonies.
GtB Map of the Belize Cave Actun
                                Che Chem, also called Poisonwood Water

Guide to Actun Che Chem

Printable Map of Actun Che Chem (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge

Actun Tunichil Muknal

The ATM Cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal) is the most impressive caves in Belize and the Maya Lowland. The Cave was a sacred place to the prehistoric Mayas of Belize.
GtB Map of the
                                Belize Cave Actun Tunichil Muknal, also
                                called Stone Selpuchre Cave

Guide to Actun Tunichil Muknal

Printable Map of Actun Tunichil Muknal (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge

Altun Ha

Altun Ha was a major ceremonial center in the Classic Period and functioned as vital trading center linking the Caribbean shores with other Maya centers.
GtB Map of Belize Maya Site Altun
                                Ha, also called Water of the Rock

Guide to Altun Ha

Printable Map of Altun Ha (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge

Barton Creek

The cave was used by the ancient Maya for ritualistic activities  such as burials,  bloodletting rituals, fertility rites and also human sacrifices.

GtB Map of the Belize
                                Mayan Cave Barton Creek

Guide to Barton Creek

Printable Map of Barton Creek (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge

Cahal Pech

Cahal Pech with its late pre-classic temples and ball courts was once a “royal acropolis”, with a palace inhabited by an elite Mayan family and their cadre

                                Map of Belize Maya Site Cahal Pech, also
                                called Place of Ticks

Guide to Cahal Pech

Printable Map of Cahal Pech (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge


Caracol was once a populous city with a population over 150,000 people. The presence of luxury items in the simplest residential units suggests that the people here were wealthy.
GtB Map of Belize Maya Site
                                Caracol, also called Snail or Place of
                                Three Hills

Guide to Caracol

Printable Map of Caracol (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge


Cerros was an important Maya coastal trading center during the late pre-Classic period, located on a peninsula overlooking the lovely Corozal Bay.
GtB Map
                                of Belize Maya Site Cerros, also called
                                Maya Hill

Guide to Cerros

Printable Map of Cerros (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge

El Pilar

A Middle Pre-Classic and Late Classic Mayan site, occupies both sides of the Belize and Guatemalan border. El Pilar is excellent for birding, hiking, in the sub-tropical forest.
                                Map of Belize Maya Site El Pilar, also
                                called Watering Basin

Guide to El Pilar

Printable Map of El Pilar (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge


Lamanai, located on the New River in Orange Walk District, is known for being the longest continually-occupied site in Mesoamerica.
GtB Map of the Belize
                                Mayan Site Lamanai, also called the
                                Submerged Crocodile

Guide to Lamanai

Printable Map of Lamanai (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge


Lubaantun is well known for the unusual style of construction with limestone blocks and no visible mortar bindings.
GtB Map of Belize Maya Site
                                Lubaantun, also called Place of the
                                Fallen Stones

Guide to Lubaantun

Printable Map of Lubaantun (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge

Nim Li Punit

Nim Li Punit is a smaller Late Classic Maya sites well known for the large amount of over 25 stela found there.
                                Map of Belize Maya Site Nim Li Punit,
                                also called Big Hat

Guide to Nim Li Punit

Printable Map of N im Li Punit (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge


Xunantunich was a thriving city near the end of the Classic Period and very close in time to the collapse of the entire Mayan Civilization.
GtB Map of Belize Maya Site
                                Xunantunich, also called Stone Woman

Guide to Xunantunich

Printable Map of Xunantunich (.pdf)

Click on the Map to enlarge



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