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                                Belize you can choose between the local
                                TV and the over 100 foreign Cable

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Belize TV Stations & Channels

Belize has a very short TV History. The Television entered Belize in late 1970's with the VHS playback machines. Broadcast of international TV signals via cable hook-up began in the early 1980's, when Baymen Broadcasting began recording and airing variety shows and local parades.

                                  Open your Eyes, the Morning Show from
                                  Channel 5 in Belize
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Today Belize has 3 National TV Stations and many Local TV Channels. If you miss the broadcast, many channels offering Streaming Video and some of the local Channels are only on the local Cable or in the Internet available.

Belize National  TV  Stations

Channel 5

Channel 5 airs mostly American and Caribbean programs and locally produced programs like Duets, a variety competition from Bliss Center.

Channel 5 Belize

GtB Channel 5 Belize, TV Channel
Channel 7

Channel 7 is based in in Belize City and usually more critical on the Government with hard-hitting analysis of national issues.

Channel 7 News Belize

GtB 7 News Belize TV Channel
Plus TV

PlusTV is a Christian based television station, launched in Belmopan on 2005. PlusTV is Belize's third largest television station.

Plus TV Belize

GtB Plus TV Belize TV Channel


Belize TV stations do not broadcast news on holidays or weekends. Apart from 30 minutes of local news and commercials from Monday to Friday.

Local TV Channels

In Belize, local cable-only television stations broadcasting 24 hours a day. The most of the programs are ads with a playback of the local radio station, together with local annoucements or local news.
  • Channel 3
    from Orange Walk with News

  • Krem Television
    from Belize City, with WUB Wake up Belize and a lot of music

  • Love Belize
    from Belize City, with News and the Love FM Morning Show

  • San Pedro Channel  7
    From San Pedro, with the Morning Show and local events

Cable TV

Belizeans are obsessive about TV. Cable TV is widely available in all towns and cities; including the suburbs. Cable television rates in Belize average 20US$ a month and these generally include about 90 television channels with all the goodies such as HBO, Cinemax, SyFy, Showtime, STARZ and of course ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and FOX.

GtB The well equipped Centauer
                                service crew working on the TV Cable
The local cable operators also throw in Arab, British, Mexican, Indian and Chinese and Pay Per View Channels for good measure.

Cable Network
Centauer Cable Network
Orange Walk area, Corozal
70+ TV Channel
Central Cable Vision
Belize City, Belmopan,
San Ignacio, Benque
120+ TV Channel
Internet Access
Coral Cable Vision
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
80+ TV Channel
Internet Access
Dangriga Cable Vision Dangriaga area
70+ TV Channel

Satellite TV in Belize

If you stay out of town, too far to get cable or insist on that high definition signal with Dolby surround sound you cannot yet get from local cable, there is satellite TV. The advantage to being so close to North America, the satellite footprint of most television signals covers Belize with excellent signal quality.

GtB 8 foot satellite
                                dish on a roof in Belize
C-Band is widely available as are Direct TV and Dish Network. You need usually at least a six foot dish is required for good performance. Real satellite TV aficionados however go the extra mile and import 8 and even 10 foot dishes for non compromise TV reception, even in strong rain.

Fore those moving to Belize we strongly recommend that you bring your own satellite TV receivers. It's cheaper to purchase them in the USA and then just pay the local dealer to provide the dish and setup.

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