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Cost of Living in Belize 

Cost  of  Living

The traditional view is that Belize is the most expensive country in Central America, yet one of the least expensive in the Caribbean. While there’s truth to that, it really doesn’t take into account that the actual cost of living in Belize can vary from almost nothing to very high.

Right side, some Belize Currency.
Left side,  a Tortilla Factory.

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On Cayes, mostly the vast majority of goods have to be imported and so this fact coupled with taxation and handling fees means that food and beverages in supermarkets,  groceries and at restaurants and bars can be as expensive or up to doubly as expensive as US prices.  You can shop around a little locally, but there is a limit on the discretion in prices dictated by the close proximity of all shops to each other.

One Ambergris Caye, all the big Supermarkets and Hardware stores are owned by 4 families. Especially by the some of the stores you always need to negotiate the price, because if they have t he feeling that you are a tourist they charge you more. Belizean Shops charge always the same amount for Foreigners and Belizeans.

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Cost of Living in Belize

Living in Belize
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