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Fruits and Vegetables

The Fruit and Vegetable page is still under construction. We hope we will be able to deliver a nice content till Christmass 2008.

Left side, Plantains. At the right side a delicious Belizan Dragon Fruit


Belize has a wealth of delicious tropical fruits. The most common are bananas, mangoes, papayas, pineapples and melons. Other fruits you might find include dragon fruit, the fruit of the cashew tree and carambola (star fruit), a tart fruit, whose cross-sections form perfect stars.


There is a surprisingly lacking of vegetables in Belizean meals. Fresh garden salads are rare and hard to come by. A lack of fresh ingredients makes other vegetable dishes and sides almost as uncommon. Most restaurant meals come accompanied by a simple slaw of grated cabbage, or a beet or  potato salad.

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Dragon Fruit
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