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Mahogany Tree 

Tropical Trees

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Left side, a Mahogany Tree


British settlers exploited the forest for mahogany, beginning around the middle of the 17th century. It was originally exported to the United Kingdom in the form of squared logs, but shipment now consits mainly of sawn lumber.

The Mahogany Tree (Swietenia Macrophilla) is one of the magnificent giants of the forest. Rising straight and tall to over a hundred feet from great buttresses at the roots, it emerges above the canopy of the surrounding trees with a crown of large, shining green leaves. You will encounter immense trees forming a canopy so thick that only streaks of sunlight filter through to the forest floor. This has often been described as the "cathedral" effect. The understory, being deprived of sunlight, will consist of young trees with large, thin leaves and occasional bunches of heliconias, ferns and other shrubs where the forest floor is damp.

The forest floor will be a thick mat of decomposing plant material and riddled with invertebrates. Lianas and other vines will snake from tree to tree, while orchids and bromeliads will hang precariously on the trunks and branches above.

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Mahogany Tree
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