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Orange Walk  Town Map and Guide

Orange Walk Town is the second largest town and the capital of the Orange Walk District. In the days of the Mayas, the area was known as Holpatin. The district is home to the biggest Mayan temple of the pre-classic period. The Mayas of the area came in contact with the Europeans in the 1530s, after which the two groups fought over land.

GtB Map of Orange Walk Town Belize
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In 1848, there was a massive influx of Maya and Mestizos from Mexico, fleeing the Caste War of Yucatán (1847–1901). This caused a rapid growth of population.

With the mestizos came their many traditions that today abound in the region. One such thing that they brought was the sugar cane, which in the years to come became the basis of Belize's leading industry. Today, this industry continues to thrive in the region, and Orange Walk Town is nicknamed "Sugar City". The local Tower Hill Sugar Factory (Belize Sugar Industries) handles all of the country's sugar cane output. The farming of other crops, and tourism, also play a role in the economy.


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