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Embassies & Consulates in Belize and arround the World

The Diplomatic Corps is comprised of and serviced by people from various professional orientations. On the International scene, the ambassador is perhaps the most well known of the Diplomatic Corps since that individual is accredited to represent the interests, cultures, ideals, and hopes of an entire country.

GtB US Belize Embassy in Belmopan.
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In the embassy you can find familiar faces from home field and they are helpful to answer your questions and handle problems and providing travelers with useful tourist information or assisting during medical emergencies in Belize.

A consulate is like a junior embassy. It's generally located in a busy tourist city, and takes care of minor diplomatic tasks such as issuing visas. The word consulate literally means office of the consul, who is a diplomat appointed to foster trade and take care of expatriates.

Embassies are much bigger deals. The word embassy comes from the French “ambassade”, or office of the ambassador. Ambassadors are high-ranking diplomatic representatives who serve as spokespersons for their national governments. If one country recognizes the sovereignty of another, they generally establish an embassy there. Embassies take care of the same administrative duties as consulates, but they also represent their governments abroad.

Before you visit your embassy in Belize, you may want to contact them, use the details from the two lists below:

GtB Foreing Embassies and Consulates in Belize Flag Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Belize
GtB Belize Embassys around the World Flag Belize Embassies and Consulates abroad

Embassies and Consulates in Belize


GtB Austrian Consulat Flag  Austrian
Belize City
No. 16 Regent Street

+501 227 70 70
GtB United Kingdom High Commission Flag  British
 High Commission
Embassy Square

+501 822 21 46
GtB Canada Consulat Flag  Canadian
Belize City
 80 Princess Margaret Drive

+501 223 10 60
GtB Costa Rica Embassy Flag  Costa Rica
Belize City
11 A Handyside Street

+501 223 65 25
GtB El Salvador Embassy Flag  El Salvador
Belmopan, Belize
49 Nanche Street

+501 822 34 04
GtB German Consulat Flag  German
Belize City
57 Southern Foreshore

+501 822 23 50
Gtb Guatamala Embassy Flag  Guatemala
Belize City
8 "A" Street

+501 223 31 50

GtB Honduras Embassy Flag  Honduras
Belize City, Belize
22 Gabourel Lane

+501 224 58 89
GtB Mexico Embassy Flag  Mexico
Belize City, Belize
18 North Park Street

+501 223 01 93
GtB Cuba Embassy Flag  Republic of Cuba
Belize City
6087 Manatee Drive,
Buttonwood Bay

+501 223 53 45
GtB Swiss Consulate Flag  Swiss
Belize City
41 Albert Street

+501 227 52 57
GtB Taiwan Embassy Flag  Taiwan Embassy
 Republic of China
Belize City, Belize
20 North Park Street

+501 223 18 62
GtB USA Embassy Flag  US Embassy Belmopan
Floral Park Road

+501 822 40 11
GtB Venzeuela Embassy Flag  Venezuela
Belmopan, Belize
19 Orchid Garden Street

+501 822 23 84

Belizean Embassies in the World

GtB Belize Ministry of Foreign Affairs Flag
 Ministry of Foreign
New Administration Building
+501 822 23 22
GtB Austrian Belize Embassy Flag  Austria
 Belize Embassy
Franz Josefs-Kai
+43 1 533 76 63
GtB Canada Belize Consulate Flag  Canada
 Belize Consulate
Blackwood Street
+1 604 531 22 12
GtB Cuba  Belize Embassy Flag  Cuba
 Belize Embassy
Cuidad de la Habana
Avenida 3ra. Entre 76 y 78
Oficina 302
Centro de Negocios
Miramar Playa

+537 204 35 04
GtB El Salvador Belize Embassy Flag  El Salvador
Belize Embassy
San Salvador
Calle El Bosque Norte y Calle
Las Lomas Candelaria #1  Block P.
Col. Jardines de la Cima 1era Etapa

+503  248 14 23
GtB German  Belize Consualte Flag  Germany
 Belize Consulate
Breitscheidstr 10
+49 7119 071 09 20
Gtb Guatamala Belize Embassy Flag  Guatemala
 Belize Embassy
Guatemala City
5 Avenida 5-55, Zona 14
Europlaza, Torre II,
Oficina 1502

+502 2367 38 83
GtB Mexico Belize Embassy Flag  Mexico
 Belize Embassy
Mexico D.F. 11000
215 Calle Bernardo de Galvez
Col. Lomas de Chapultepec

+52 555 520 12 74
GtB Netherlands Belize Embassy Flag  Netherlands
 Belize Consulate
Sloterkade 84
+31 20 408 11 75
GtB Japan Belize Embassy Flag  Japan
 Belize Embassy
Tokyo 106-0031
No. 38 Kowa Bldg.
4-12-24-907, Nishi-Azabu

+813 3400 91 06
GtB Switzerland Belize UNO Office Flag  Switzerland
 UNO Office
Only for contacts with UNO
+41 22 xxx xx xx
GtB Taiwan Belize Embassy Flag  Taiwan
Belize Embassy
  Republic of China
Taipei 111,
11F, No. 9 Lane 62
Tien Mou West Road,
Shih Lin

+886 2 2876 08 94
GtB United Kingdom Belize High Commission Flag  United Kingdom
 High Commission

45 Crawford Place
+ 44 207 723 36 03
GtB United States of America Belize US Embassy Flag  United States
 of America
 Belize Embassy
2535 Massachusetts Ave. NW
+1 202 332 96 36

We try to keep this list up-to-date.  Please contact us, if anything is incorrect or outdated.

Guide to Belize,  September 2021



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