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GtB Dean Oliver Barrow the Prime Minister of  Belize.

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The Government of Belize

Belize is a parliamentary democracy and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The current head of state is the Queen of Belize, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who is represented in the country by the Governor General.

GtB Belize, Prime Minister Building in Belmopan
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However, the cabinet, led by a prime minister, who is head of government, acting as advisors to the Governor-General, in practice exercise executive authority. Cabinet ministers are members of the majority political party in parliament and usually hold elected seats within it concurrent with their cabinet positions.
The bicameral National Assembly of Belize is composed of a House of Representatives and a Senate. The twenty-nine members of the House are popularly elected to a maximum five-year term and introduce legislation affecting the development of Belize. 
GtB National Assembly of Belize in Belmopan
The Governor-General appoints the twelve members of the Senate, with a Senate president selected by the members. The Senate is responsible for debating and approving bills passed by the House.

This Links will provide accurate and current data on government’s business, policies,  initiatives, news; laws of Belize and Public Service Regulations.

Government Government of Belize

BDF The Belize Defence Force
NEMO National Emergency Management Organisation Belize Customs & Excise Department
DOE Department of the Environment
GST Department of General Sales Tax
Elections & Boundaries Deparment
SIB Statistical Institute of Belize
NMS National Metrological Service

Attorney General Ministry
Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries
Ministry of Education Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Health, Transport and Communication
Ministry of Human Development
Ministry of Natural Reources and the Environment

Other Government Agencies
Belize Government Gazette
Belize - Guatamala Relations
Belize Trade & Investment Develop. Service
International Finance Service Comission

Statutory Bodies
Central Bank of Belize Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry
PACT Potected Areas Conservation Trust
SSB Social Security Board
BAHA Belize Agricultural Health Authority
The Belize Tourism Board

We try to keep this list up-to-date.  Please contact us, if anything is incorrect or outdated. Specially since the government of Belize changed there web page from to  and the new site is not always available.

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