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Coral Cable Vision CCV

Coral Cable Vision is a local Belize Cable TV provider in San Pedro witch offers a excellent service with over 120 TV channels and internet access over the TV cable with a top speed of 512 kb.
Coral Cable covers the San Pedro area down to the south of Ambergris Caye. There are also so areas covered north of the Boca del Rio Bridge.

                                  Roof of the Coral Cable Vision HQ in
                                  San Pedro
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In March 2004 Reef Radio and Coral Cable Vision (CCV) combined their talents to launch the first-ever live morning talk show “Good Morning San Pedro” on the island, bringing together the dynamic broadcasting genre of TV and Radio in San Pedro.

San Pedro  Cable TV Channel Listing

This are the acual TV Channels you can enjoy in San Pedro Town.
To contact CCV  Coral Cable Vision in  San Pedro Town, call 226 33 18
If you need a program Guide try

Satellite TV in Belize

If you stay out of town, too far to get cable or insist on that high definition signal with Dolby surround sound you cannot yet get from local cable, there is satellite TV. The advantage to being so close to North America, the satellite footprint of most television signals covers Belize with excellent signal quality.

GtB 8 foot satellite
                                dish on a roof in Belize
C-Band is widely available as are Direct TV and Dish Network. You need usually at least a six foot dish is required for good performance. Real satellite TV aficionados however go the extra mile and import 8 and even 10 foot dishes for non compromise TV reception, even in strong rain.

Fore those moving to Belize we strongly recommend that you bring your own satellite TV receivers. It's cheaper to purchase them in the USA and then just pay the local dealer to provide the dish and setup.

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